Tech support

Research & Development

There is/are 5 - 10 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company. ALTO has established the R&D team, with Mr. Ma as the chief technology officer.



All Alto Pool heat pumps and heating & cooling system are processed with strict management system to ensure the quality and stability. Like pool heat pumps, house heat pumps, have been selling like hot cakes.

Every detail operation post-processing file and daily production dates will be analyzed by the production database system, and shown on the white board in the workshop, to improve the operation skills of workers.


Quality Control

Alto believes the quality  is the best economy of all.We work hard to improve the products quality by implementing the quality control procedure from the material purchase until the producers leaving the factory. Alto has got a quality control department and formed a mature quality control system during the whole production process. The process is strictly complying with ISO9001 standards.