Ground source

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There is something in the ground

Ground source heat pump transfer the heat from the earth flat collectors or vertical loop collectors, which use the brine as the heat transfer medium to transport the energy. Approximately 75% of the energy is extracted from the ground at 25% electricity consumption. It is also a healthy energy generator in favor of nature with 30%-50% reductions in CO₂ emissions.

Alto BWH series is designed for heating, cooling and domestic hot water which is suitable for both traditional heating system and radiant panels for new and retrofit buildings with low energy consumption.

BWH series-Ground source heat pump

A new generation of heat pumps

- Compact, discreet and intelligent

- Scheduling (indoor comfort and hot water as well as cooling and heating)

- Fully self-contained unit without external refrigerant

- Compatibility with all types of terminal unit, radiators,
fan coil units and radiant floors

- Maximum outlet water temperature 70°C

- Remarkably low sound level

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