Heat pump water heater

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Compact Energy-Saving Solution for safe Domestic Hot Water & Ventilation

ALTO Heat Pump Water Heater is designed for domestic hot water. As a lovely equipment, it could be put indoor. It is with 3 times higher efficiency than that of gas boiler or electrical heater and it can also be combined with solar heating system. Therefore this could reduce costs for the users in a big way.

DHW Series- All in one hot water heat pump

Domestic Hot Water + Air Cooling

Advantages of All-in-one heat pump

- Innovative design with 200/300L available for option

- Stainless steel water tank inside

- Plate heat exchanger prevent corrosion damage

- Extremely innovative structure, nice looking and easy installation

- High efficiency compressor with R410a refrigeration

- All-weather application

- Solar thermal kits and electric booster heater for option

- General and operational test carried out for every
unit before package in the factory

SHW Series- Split type hot water heat pump

Domestic Hot Water

Advantages of a Split type heat pump

- High energy efficiency-Coefficient of performance can be as high as 3.7

- Innovative galvanized powder coated steel cabinet design

- Continuous hot water supply-uninterrupted operation during night time, on rainy
days and even on cold days.Works in any kind of weather and all season

- Simple operation- Temp and time options can be preset on the intelligent digital controller

- Compact size and ease of installation. Can be installed in any convenient location

- Reliable and durable-Can last for years with little or no maintenance

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