We are professional manufacturer of quality refrigeration products for more than 15 years. Our main products cover dehumidifier, heat pump, heat recovery products, ventilator, and chiller.

All of our heat pumps are specifically designed to satisfy with either commercial or residential applications, providing the users with the perfect temperature control heat pump technology. Besides providing heating, cooling and domestic hot water, Alto heat pump unit can supply a wide range of advantages to any building, with benefits including increased energy savings and reduced carbon footprints.

And the dehumidifier is our featured product. We manufacturer different series of dehumidifiers designed for indoor pool applications. These high performance units are a more effective and energy-efficient way to remove humidity.

Features & Benefits

Natural Resources

75% of the energy used to power heat pumps comes directly from the natural environment which means required power consumption is reduced to only 25%.  It is also a healthy energy generator in favor of nature with 60% reduction in CO₂emissions.


Temperatures down to -25°C

Heat pumps can collect enough heat from air , even in areas where temperatures drop down as low as -25°C, and produce 60°C hot water under the most extreme of climate conditions.


It's all about comfortable

Designed for installation in humid areas, mainly in the basin of small and medium sizes.
The principle of operation of this device is based on the condensation of water vapor in the air. Alto dehumidifiers equipped with an electronic control panel. With special settings, you can set the desired humidity level.


• Air Technologies

Ventilators introduce the highly conductive aluminum heat exchanger core to transfer the sensible heat (temperature) between the stale air exhausted to the outside and the fresh air that is brought inside.


High Efficiency

Applying the famous brand compressor together with the high efficiency heat exchanger makes the units more energy-saving than other traditional products.


• Green Refrigerant, Environmentally

With stable, non-toxic, superior performance, and non-fluorine property, refrigerant R410A makes no damages to the ozone layer and thus it is more enviromentally-friendly.


• Maximum Comfort around years

Our products are flexible to your requirement, providing a reliable temperature, applicable no matter the time of year or season.